JudoShiai 4.0 released

License has been a little bit ambigious. It has been changed to GPLv3.

Number of supported languages has been decremented by one.

Web browser

  • Enhanced support for web browsers.
  • Connect to URL http://IP_ADDRESS:8088/
    The following URL may work, too:
  • HTTP connection is faster, but JudoWeight with camera requires HTTPS. Your browser will
    complain that the HTTPS connection is not secure, since the certificates are
    self signed. Just allow the connection.
  • Supported functionality:
    • JudoShiai is only for experimental usage.
    • JudoTimer: May be used as a master for another web timer.
      May be used as a slave for JudoTimer application or another web timer.
    • JudoInfo: Hint: Use web browser of a modern TV and save one laptop.
    • JudoWeight: Saves weights locally. Save to a local json file or upload to JudoShiai.
      Scan competitor’s QR codes with a webcam.
  • Use password if your network is open.


  • Mobile optimized results pages added. New pages look different that you have been used to. The first loading may take some time (a couple of seconds), but after that the functionality is executed in your device.
  • Customized system’s max. number of pools increased to 64.


  • SVG support for competitor names display. SVG display can have many pages, for example first show the category, then name of the white competitor, then blue competitor, and maybe an ad.
  • SVG support for winner display.
  • Display for team event current points after each fight.
  • Slave functionality enhanced for video usage.
  • New IJF style looks for stream overlay.