How to Make a Build

Kids – don’t try this at home

Linux and Windows are the supported operating systems.

Development work is done in Linux environment. For Windows users it is recommended to install VirtualBox + Ubuntu (32 bit) for compilation. Learn how to use Linux terminal and line commands. Everything below after the $ sign is typed in a terminal.

LibreOffice is needed for PDF creation. You should already have it,
but if not, get it with the following command:

$ sudo apt-get install libreoffice

“sudo” makes you have temporary root privileges that are required for
software installation. “apt-get install” fetches and installs software packages.

Install the basic development tools:

$ sudo apt-get install build-essential gnome-devel bison flex checkinstall

You probably already have “build-essential” (compiler, linker). gnome-devel” contains everything needed for GTK+ graphical user interface development.
“bison flex” are used for parsing text. “checkinstall” is required for Debian packages.

Next some libraries:

$ sudo apt-get install librsvg2-dev libao-dev libmpg123-dev libcurl4-openssl-dev

JudoShiai is under GIT in Sourceforge:

$ sudo apt-get install git

If you are behind a proxy you want to edit /home/$USER/.gitconfig.
Get the JudoShiai software:
$ git clone

Change directory:
$ cd judoshiai-code


$ make

Make a Debian package

$ sudo make debian

You can find the result in judoshiai-code/release-linux.

Cross compilation for Windows requires more software:

$ sudo apt-get install mingw32

Some programs need Windows emulator to run:

$ sudo apt-get install wine

There exist still lots of required libraries and run time DLL’s that are not in any package. Many DLL’s have incompatible versions around and finding the correct one may take time. To make life easier you can fetch a ready made set of Windows software. Get it using command line or your favorite browser:

$ wget

Extract it under the /opt directory:

$ sudo tar xvzf win32.tar.gz -C /opt

Start cross compilation:


Make a package:

$ make setup TARGETOS=WIN32

Result will be in judoshiai-code/release-win32 directory.
Clean everything with commands

$ make clean
$ make clean TARGETOS=WIN32