JudoShiai version 3.1 released


  • Bug fixes.
  • AppImages included in the release (for Linux).
  • No Win XP release. Please send request if XP really needed.


  • Competitor data can be saved to a JSON file.
  • Weights and new competitors input from JSON files.
  • Match graphics changed to table format.
  • QR code option for accreditation cards.
  • Match legend can be changed.
  • mDNS support (for the future).


  • Bug fix (no soremade/ippon texts didn’t work).
  • Partial bug fix (ctl-m doesn’t hide title bar in Win10. ctl-shift-m does it, but do not recover).
  • Legends changed (used in UK).
  • Minutes >= 10 shown with two digits.
  • JudoTimer sends all display data to slave when it connects.


  • Can use Raspberry’s camera module or external USB camera.
  • Control with a web browser. Connect http://:8000

JudoWeight (Android)

  • In Open testing
  • Join testing here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.judoshiai.android.judoweight

JudoLive (Android)

  • In Open testing
  • Much simpler that Raspberry Pi version.