JudoWeight for Android released

JudoWeight for Android is ready for Open testing.

Please join here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.judoshiai.android.judoweight
Click the URL in your Android device’s web browser.

Joining is possible in a few countries only. If your country is missing from the list, please send mail to oh2ncp@gmail.com.

1 thought on “JudoWeight for Android released”

  1. First, let me thank you for the effort you are making. I discovered your program by chance which allowed me to organize my competitions in my little club in Tunis without any problem. I saw that I cannot download judo weight and judolive android from play store. My country Tunisia is surely not on the list. Thank you if you can allow me.
    Turki Abderrazak

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