JudoShiai 4.1 released

  • Bug fixes.
  • AppImages no longer supported.
  • Updated build environment on 64-bit Linux.
  • Added support for alpha tatami (use letters A-Z instead of numbers) .
  • Protocol between programs changed. Update all the software to the version 4.1 at the same time!


  • Mobile results show category placement on mats as well as estimated time.
  • Next fights page looks nicer.
  • FTP and SFTP are the only available protocols to transfer the live results to a server. They are now much faster and more reliable.
  • Also log listing tells about possible problems.
  • FTP credential files setting using file pick dialog.
  • Next matches in results are updated more reliable.
  • Max. number of SVG files increased to 512.
  • Legends look updated.

Web browser

  • Functionality made better.
  • JudoInfo looks nicer.
  • JudoTimer can be called with configuration file name in its URL, for example:
    This makes using in OBS handy. Please check the documentation.