Language Translations

JudoShiai has two independent language selections, one for the graphical user interface (GUI) and the other one for the sheet and results printing. Independent language selections are required, because

  • Officials may be able to run the JudoShiai using the English GUI whilst some part of the audience prefer their own language. The GUI has 600 phrases to translate while printing the results use only less than 50 phrases. Thus it is easy to translate the sheet and result texts.
  • Officials want to use their own language if it is available, but in an international tournament the results must be in English.

All the languages files are zipped in this file.
Please select the one closest to your own language and change the phrases.

A PO file is composed of lines starting with msgid and msgstr. Msgid is the phrase in English and msgstr in other language. Example from the Spanish translation:

msgid "Next:"
msgstr "Siguiente:"
msgid "Match"
msgstr "Combate"

To create a new GUI translation get an existing PO file (preferably judoshiai-fi_FI.po) and rename it according to your own language. The locale code fi_FI is composed of two parts: the language and the country. For example the code for the American English would be en_US and the file name thus judoshiai-en_US.po. Replace all the msgstr texts with your own language phrases.

The result texts file has comment lines and text lines. Comment lines start with three hash marks (###). Comment text tells which phrase is expected.
Translated text is on the next line. Example:

. . .
### 15: Match
### 16: Blue
### 17: White
### 18: Result (result of one fight)
### 19: Results (all the results of the tournament)
. . .

The first non-comment line is the language selection text visible in JudoShiai. Example file above begins like this:

### First line is the menu text
Results in Spanish
### 1: Competitors
. . .

Use UTF-8 encoding if your language has non-ASCII characters. If the PO or text files look confusing you may just provide the translations using original plain text, Microsoft, OpenOffice, or whatever format suits you the best.

PO files are compiled and it is not possible to add them without recompilation. However, result text files can be added any time. Copy for example result-texts-en.txt to result-texts-xx.txt (these files are in the etc folder). Edit as you wish and copy the file to the etc folder (C:\Program Files\JudoShiai\etc). Restart JudoShiai. Now you should see your new language in the JudoShiai menu Preferences -> Language Selection

After finishing your files please send them to oh2ncp (at)